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En 5º de Primaria llevamos días sintiendo que somos unos afortunados… Un grupo de 24 alumnos y alumnas tuvimos la suerte de poder viajar a Galicia y Castilla y León gracias al Programa de “Rutas Científicas, Artísticas y Literarias con inmersión lingüística en inglés”.

Para poder participar tuvimos que preparar un proyecto de urbanismo sostenible, el cual llevamos poniendo en práctica desde antes de nuestro viaje.

Ha sido una semana muy intensa, llena de momentos inolvidables y grandes aprendizajes, tanto en el ámbito académico como en el personal. Desde luego, ¡una experiencia para repetir!

Os dejamos un resumen de todo lo acontecido desde el 10 hasta el 16 de noviembre.

Además, aprovechamos desde aquí para mandar un saludo a nuestros monitores y a los profes y alumn@s de Navaleno, Abejar, Cabrejas del Pinar y San Leonardo de Yagüe, con los que compartíamos ruta. ¡Esperamos volver a veros!

Day 1 – Welcome to Route 6!

Today the students from the provinces of Soria and Zaragoza have arrived to Santiago de Compostela. We are all very excited to start this experience!

Day 2 – Saint James Way, Santiago de Compostela Old town and Alameda Park

We did part of the St James Way today.
We have seen a magic forest, the city of Santiago and a girl played the bagpipe. Amazing journey!

We saw the cathedral outside and inside. The guide told us lots of things.
We have learned lots of things related with the temple, the city and its history.

 In the Alameda park we have seen the two Marías and Ramón María del Valle-Inclán.
After that we did some games to learn different questions so we are able to communicate with a lot of pilgrims.

Forty-six instruments, two musicians

We like the concert very much and is very funny. It’s very interesting to know more things about Galicia and its traditions.
We like to learn the names of the instruments and the different cultures of Galicia.

Day 3 – Museum at the Camilo José Cela Foundation, Celtic Castro of Baroña and Arousa Estuary

Day 4 – Hercules Tower and Domus Museum

The Hercules tower is very big and high. It is 53 m tall and it has 353 steps. It’s a Roman tower. It’s the oldest lighthouse in the world that is working. Gerión is buried under the tower.

We played and touched all the things in the museum. We did a lot of things. It is very interesting to know a lot of things from the human body. It is very funny. It is a thing you cannot do every day.
I loved the Domus museum. You can go with your family and friends and have a good time.

Not much of a baby shark (this time)

In the aquarium we have seen many fish: sharks, jelly fishes, seals, star fish, crabs, octopus, eels and one scallop. There are many sharks in the aquarium of A Coruña. The name of the biggest shark was Gastón.

María Pita shows us A Coruña
We have gone to the tour in A Coruña. We have learnt the history of this city. We have seen the church with a secret number. We have gone to the main square.
At first it was raining but finally it has stopped. We have met María Pita and we have bought souvenirs.

Day 5 – Lugo and its Roman wall

We visited the wall. It is made of stone. It is long and high. The Romans made it. We have watched a video. It was used for defending the city of Lugo. It is seventeen centuries old.
We have seen a museum with many things like small representations of houses. There are a lot of very old things. We travel to other part of the history.

 Water and centenary chestnut trees in Las Médulas

The Medulas are some Roman mountains where they found gold. It started to rain so we went to the bus to go to the hotel.

 Learning vocabulary while making puzzles! 
The puzzles are of sea animals: octopus, dolphin, sardines, scallops, sea gulls, cormorant…
We had to do the puzzles in 4 minutes.
It was a competition and it was very funny.

 Speaking with a native

What are the traditions of Canada? Why did you come to Spain? What is the typical food? And the typical hour to sleep? Where do you live? Do you like animals? Do you have any pets?
Do you have any sisters? Do you like running? And football? Do you like anime? Do you like playing the guitar? What is your favourite song? When are you going to Canada? Do you have a crush? Who? Do you have girlfriends or boyfriends? What is your surname? How old are you? When is your birthday? What is your favourite colour?

Day 6 - Following Lady Urraca in a snowy León

We saw a big bell. It’s very funny to know more things about history.
We can look a very cool chalice designed for the princess. We love the museum.
I like visiting this museum because it is special. I liked the guide of the museum. There are many paintings that are very old.

In MUSAC we are the artists!

We went to the MUSAC museum. We went to the laboratory 987. We watched the videos and we painted pictures for the wall.

What a gothic cathedral!

We have gone to the cathedral of León. And we have seen vidrieras and we have listened in the phone guide the information about the cathedral.

Solving the gymkana about León

The gymkana is a very fun competition. We answer some questions and take some photos in different places of León.

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